How creating a self-managing team through autonomy can help you feel less overwhelmed

Does the thought of another possible lockdown or the idea of social isolation have you feeling overwhelmed?


We currently live in a world of constant change and adapting to new rules is now a standard. This means entrepreneurs are continuously playing catch-up to ensure that their businesses continue to run smoothly. With such uncertainty comes the thought that you need to do it all yourself to ensure you maintain some sort of control. Which ultimately leads to you overworking yourself, overwhelm, and quite possibly burned out.


Let’s look at three ways to help you release the feeling of overwhelm, whilst still making sure YOU and your company are on the right track.


Take care of yourself first

Do this in the best way that you can for yourself. Whether it’s creating a morning ritual that focuses on meditation, journaling, and reflection. Or maybe it involves getting active and getting a workout in midday. Or it could simply be, no more work talk/emails...

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Look Back, Don’t Stare

For most of us we are in the last quarter of our businesses. This is a time to finish strong, especially if you are in sales. So, I invite you to look back over the year.  


What have you executed on that has you at the point you are currently?  


Now, if you slacked off in the summer or if you simply lost momentum from being exhausted, don't stare at those situations. Take note and continue to move forward.  


There are three months left and incredible results have taken place in this quarter. Here are 4 simple steps to increase productivity without overwhelm and exhaustion.



Step 1: As we look back over the year, look at any projects that have little to no chance of completion in the short time frame and move those projects into next year. This allows you to maximize your resources and focus on what is more important.


Step 2: Focus on what you do best and outsource or delegate the rest. Declutter your day and...

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The First Four Steps to YOUR Genius Zone

Here are the first four steps to a strong and successful foundation:

1. Release the things, the old ideas (limiting beliefs), even old clothes from your past that may be holding you exactly there… "the past" to receive all the new things waiting for you in your Genius Zone. the old cliche “less is more” applies here.

2. Look at what you are tolerating. Consider the things that you say “well I have to do XYZ” these are things that you are tolerating and these small annoyances can keep you stuck in your life and business. Here is another one….WHO might you be tolerating that is keeping you from your Genius Zone.

3. Take a look at your daily habits and consider how those habits promote you or hold you back from the life you want.

4. Use all 6 steps in building your strong and successful foundation. The final piece that makes everything work is creating systems for each and every step you take in your genius...

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Are you going in circles?

Have you ever had a day where you ran around all day, you were extremely “busy” yet nothing got accomplished except you mastered exhaustion and overwhelm?


I used to have more days like this than productive ones and so did many of my clients. 


I was speaking to one client yesterday and she shared with me that she has an additional 15 hours a week and after going over her projections with her fiance, she is on target to double her income from last year. Hold on to your hats, stop hammering the for sale sign in the ground, and put the phone down….


After working together for only three months, this client started her real estate company, just 1 month ago. She is planning a wedding, she has two young children and she is building a stellar team...Say it with me, BADASS!


She stopped running in circles and you can too using these 4 tools.


  1. She uncovered her Core Values and started aligning each area of her life with...
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Have the courage to be yourself

Sometimes you have to dig deep to discover who you are.  Recently, I questioned my own courage to be myself. Did I really have what it takes to move from my comfort zone into my genius zone? 


My life and business had become stagnant, relationships were not fulfilling and I looked in the mirror 6 months ago and said to myself “This is about YOU, Lisa, not everyone or everything else.” 


I realized I had become overly comfortable in my ways and my life. I was feeling that friction of wanting more yet doing nothing to change. The next thing I knew, I signed up for a Mastermind…{yes, coaches have coaches} and during one of our sessions, my coach asked me, “Who are you really? What do you want out of life? Who do you want to serve?”….THAT was a loaded question. I started crying...again...This happened to me back in 2017, so I coined the term, “leaking” which means - crying from being asked a  question...

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Trust the Magic of New Beginnings

32 years ago, today, I left NC as a young woman filled with hopes, dreams, flip flops, a strappy pair of heels, some spring/summer clothes, and a map. None of these items did me any good except the dream of trusting in the magic of a new beginning for myself. Hope is a weak ass word, turns out flip flops and summer clothing and even the heels are weak ass items for New England weather, and I am dyslexic, so a map only gets me lost.


I didn’t know anyone so I would be meeting a whole new group of friends AND a potential roommate (all before the days of Airbnb and Zoom and that was it). My perspective was “this is so cool with a blank slate to start painting what I wanted.”


Dreams came true, new dreams were birthed. I created a life full of disappointments, a marriage, three amazing adult children (that doctors told me I could never have) a divorce, a new love so intense it blew me away and saying goodbye to that love. I have experienced...

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The Cybersecurity Workforce, Knowledge and Skill Gaps

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of moderating expert panelists at the PrivSec Global Conference on the topic of The Cybersecurity Workforce, Knowledge and Skill Gaps.


The panel included: the CEO of a fast-growing threat intelligence company; the President of an organization uniting minority cybersecurity executives; the CEO of a global cyber-education company; and the co-founder of a growth strategist training company. These impressive panelists had united to address a pressing issue -  the workforce gap for cybersecurity talent in a post-pandemic period. They unanimously agreed that the global COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic implications for working practices and talent management,  disrupting normal supply-and-demand markets for labor and forcing a mass migration of the workplace to the digital arena.


During the panel we had some agreements and a few disagreements around this topic. Sit back and enjoy the recap if you were one of the lucky ones to attend...

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How does your definition of success and failure make you feel?

What is your definition of success and failure?


A few days ago I was on a special LIVE episode with the guys at The Digital Technopreneur, and we discussed the topic of Defining Success and Failure. 


Many people see success and failure as opposites.  But success can depend on context, maybe from an observer or a belief system that you have picked up along the way. Perhaps as a child, you were taught that success meant getting straight As. Or perhaps getting a promotion at work meant that you were successful? But can you truly have success without failure? And is failure really as negative as we make it seem?


Zig Ziglar talks about defining success in his book “Born to Win.” He argues that success cannot be defined in one sentence but instead comprised of many things.  I must say, I agree.


For me... have had some major successes:

  • Having three beautiful happy and healthy adult children when I was told I would not be...
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Lisa’s Life Lesson - Blame it On the Bloat

We all have that favorite pair of pants or jeans, right?

Well, I put my jeans on the other day and I could barely get them zipped. What the heck is going on??

“BLAME IT ON THE BLOAT” came over the speaker while I was catching up on The Bulletproof Podcasts. Dr Izabbella Wentz, a clinical pharmacist was talking gut disorders like Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (real sexy topics, I know).


This episode spoke about the health benefits of celery juice - I know, I made the same face this first time I heard it. But, when I heard all the perks, I was pretty much sold. Celery juice is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, doesn't spike your blood sugar, and can aid with digestion. 


Long story short…celery juice is great for digestion and can help banish bloating which is just what I need to solve my jean which is what I need to fix...

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Are you Running Away?

Have you ever wanted to run away? Did you come back or are you still on the loose?

It wasn’t until one night, after having three kids, while coming to the realization that I was never “in love” with my now ex-husband, did I sit in a dark room, listening to my third colic child crying, hoping and praying he would not wake up the older two, did I actually plan to run away.

But as I thought of the other times I had run away, how far I had gotten, and the awful rude awakening when I had to go back home ---- there had to be another way.

After realizing the car was not in my name, the credit cards were not mine, I had no cash of my own - Did I decide running away was not an option. (HOWEVER, running toward a new, improved future was the way to go).

I was TIRED of being compressed into a life of smallness, fear and lack.

Six years later - I decided not to run away anymore. Instead, I run TOWARDS a new future filled with big dreams, owning a successful business, extreme...

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