Trust the Magic of New Beginnings


32 years ago, today, I left NC as a young woman filled with hopes, dreams, flip flops, a strappy pair of heels, some spring/summer clothes, and a map. None of these items did me any good except the dream of trusting in the magic of a new beginning for myself. Hope is a weak ass word, turns out flip flops and summer clothing and even the heels are weak ass items for New England weather, and I am dyslexic, so a map only gets me lost.


I didn’t know anyone so I would be meeting a whole new group of friends AND a potential roommate (all before the days of Airbnb and Zoom and that was it). My perspective was “this is so cool with a blank slate to start painting what I wanted.”


Dreams came true, new dreams were birthed. I created a life full of disappointments, a marriage, three amazing adult children (that doctors told me I could never have) a divorce, a new love so intense it blew me away and saying goodbye to that love. I have experienced illnesses, healing my body, soul, and spirit holistically, a group of friends I call my “Tribe” who helped me through much of the journey and now I am creating two businesses as I embark on another adventure.


After 32 years, and many life lessons I am packing up the life I created in Mass for my next new beginning. After a month of Power Hours and taking my own course of Foundations to Your Genius Zone and Conscious Leadership. I revisited my core values and saw where I had become misaligned. I revisited my vision board but this time used the system and process that Shannon Carlton created. I decluttered my physical space by donating, giving pieces of furniture to kids as they start their new chapters. I purged and discovered where my energy was low because of the things and people I have been tolerating, then had a date with my badass self….my future self….. Who lives in North Carolina.  


There are things I will learn about myself and my business. Dreams will come true, I will bravely face disappointments and learn from them. It is a new beginning and I believe in the magic of new beginnings. 


I am so grateful that my kids are independent and responsible, so I feel ok that I am off for the next season of life. I am grateful to all the people and the mentors who supported me while I built businesses that allow me to have the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere with a good internet connection! 


And part of this new beginning, I will share mentorship, support, accountability with all the beautiful souls who invest in themselves to trust Shannon and me to guide, rewire and release the old patterns and beliefs on their quest to a new beginning in the Genius Zone. 


When one goes on a quest, they are in search of something valuable and necessary for healing. The journey “is an elixir for transformation” (some days you may just need a strong martini, who cares if it is shaken or stirred?) All kidding aside, I invite you to act in the magic of new beginnings. We can help you confront the resistance which will lead to a payoff of clarity, relief, freedom, fulfillment, inspiration, and whatever else you set out to uncover.


Want to take a trial run with us? Join one of our group coaching sessions for free by sending us an email. Joining this group can be your first step to stepping into your genius zone using the power of collective intelligence.


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