12 Days Of Inspiration - Day 11



Many people are on vacation or holiday this time of year. About two decades ago, I used to look forward to vacation; however, the dread of returning prevented me from enjoying the escape. The dread was returning to the faux-reality I created. I was not in love with my now ex-husband. My three now adult kids were great and l loved them dearly and still do (especially given that western doctors told me I would not be able to conceive given I had cervical cancer and endometriosis as a bonus). But I overcompensated by being all things to everyone except myself which included homeroom mom, troop leader, hockey, lacrosse and baseball mom that literally did everything for all the teams and Martha Stewart had nothing on me.


This authenticity has also enabled me to have a second chance at love, again after being apart for 37 years with a beautiful soul. 


Where is JOY missing in your life?


What brings you JOY?


Go there on vacation and come back to the same place. Be brilliant enough to scare yourself to this place of JOY.  


I would love to hear what and where you are going!!


Don't forget to drop me an email or tag me on your social media @lisacouturier_ and let me know what you discovered today!


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