12 Days Of Inspiration - Day 4



Have you ever wanted or maybe even had a passing thought about

“How can I update my image to be more stylish?”

The answer is really simple and guess what…It is free!!!


Look at the “Category of Life Wheel” below. this is a balance wheel originally created by Thomas Leonard




  • Body: Your Body Category is made up of not just the outside of what you see, your hair, your skin, your eyes, your nails, all this, but it's also made up of your inside. It's made up of your skeleton, your tissues, your organs, your blood, your veins, all the way down to your DNA. If you understand your Body Category, you can design that environment and the rest of the environments to make you feel a certain way.  


  • Self:  The Self Category is who you are at your core. This includes your emotional self, intellectual self, and your character. Ask yourself how is your emotional state? Are you growing and learning at the rate you want and then the character is all-encompassing of how you show up
  • Spiritual: The Spiritual Category is a connection to a higher source. Some people call it  God, energy, source, divine, or Holy Spirit. These titles are what we use to describe a non-tangible experience. In the Spiritual Category, you'll also notice we bring in other environments like the Physical Environment. When you think of spiritual and physical together, you may think of symbols such as a cross, mosque, synagogue, or church. They're ways to remind people to focus on that higher connection, that source, or that energy. 


  • Nature: The Nature Category is one of the most important environments and it's often overlooked. It has all kinds of reminders of its importance and what it does to our body environment, how it impacts our relationships, and, of course, now we're seeing the impact of nature on finances. Depending on what part of the world you live in, you are affected emotionally by things like access to fresh water, air, and sunlight. The Nature Category is one of the best ways to reconnect and reground the body. 


  • Physical: Your Physical Category is one of the easiest for people to adjust and you'll see immediate results when you start making changes. Your Physical Category is your home, your office your possessions - anything that is tangible that you can touch. 


  • Financial: Your Financial Category is something that runs through most people's lives no matter where you are in the world - whether it's through currency or through barter or exchange. But almost every human in some way, shape, or form uses the Financial Category in their life. Your Financial Environment has. todo with not only money and what kind of currency you have and what part of the world you live in, but it also has to do with what support and structure and systems do you have in place. 


  • Network: Your Network Category consists of the impact your network is having on you and the networks you interact with. So the question to ask yourself is, is your network still of value to you, and are you providing value to the network? Your Network Category should be designed to be a part of where you're headed in the future and not a piece of your past. 


  • Relationship:  Your Relationship Category can be a place of inspiration, of love, connection, of joy, of true intimacy or it can be a part of your life where you struggle. Look at the top five people in your Relationship Category that you invest the most time around, and ask yourself what is. the impact you're having on them and they're having on you? 


  • Memetics: Your Memetics Category includes your beliefs, paradigms and world views. These are the thoughts we continue to have over and over. A positive memetic will allow you to see the other environments in. positive light full of opportunity.


Which areas are you happy in? Rate each category on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.


Look at yesterday’s blog post for the 3-step method on how to raise your numbers in each category.


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