The First Four Steps to YOUR Genius Zone


Here are the first four steps to a strong and successful foundation:

1. Release the things, the old ideas (limiting beliefs), even old clothes from your past that may be holding you exactly there… "the past" to receive all the new things waiting for you in your Genius Zone. the old cliche “less is more” applies here.

2. Look at what you are tolerating. Consider the things that you say “well I have to do XYZ” these are things that you are tolerating and these small annoyances can keep you stuck in your life and business. Here is another one….WHO might you be tolerating that is keeping you from your Genius Zone.

3. Take a look at your daily habits and consider how those habits promote you or hold you back from the life you want.

4. Use all 6 steps in building your strong and successful foundation. The final piece that makes everything work is creating systems for each and every step you take in your genius zone.


Need a reminder of the first 3 steps into your genius zone? Click here!


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