To be Productive or Have Fun...How about both


On my Friday Group Calls, we discuss ways to be more productive, have some hot seat coaching, trainings within the NLP (Neuro-linguistics) framework and help each other out with our powerful global networks.


I’m constantly asking the group to have fun if not but one day out of the weekend and something fun during the week just for themselves…no one else. Others can participate; however, it must be for the individual. When you take time out for these fun activities and the relaxation, you will actually be more refreshed, happier, more productive and possibly come up with a solution to a problem that’s been bugging you.


A few months back, the question was reversed towards me. I replied with a list of things from researching the PH of soil and what plants needed to laying out the garden on a grid to cooking and ordering seeds. I love doing all of this however, this was not just for me and it was part of a “to-do” list not a “to have fun” list.


This is not the first time I have heard this as my boyfriend continues to encourage me to take at least one day during the weekend and relax or have fun.


Well, this weekend, I mastered “fun”! McCutchan and I took Friday off and planned absolutely nothing except a dinner. We laughed with my sister @laurawebbtemple at the beach for over an hour, we went to a rehearsal dinner, leisurely enjoyed two late breakfasts, visited with family that I had not seen in years, celebrated @joanstallswithers and David’s wedding, went for a shooting lesson with the amazing @elizabethlanierfennell (check her out in @gardenandgun magazine), had spectacular dinner @circa1886 and listened to a horrible band and visited with friends yesterday as we made our way back home. No devices, except when we were lost and to take photos.


List one thing you will do for simply the fun of it all this week. No work activities and no activities that involve the children even if you have fun watching them. If the week is already stacked, look to the weekend. Think creating a masterpiece, skydiving, snorkeling, dancing like nobody's watching, surfing, going to an arcade or singing like a rockstar.


Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all of the fun activities. Maybe I will add a few to my list.


Go rock Monday and the rest of the week.


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