How creating a self-managing team through autonomy can help you feel less overwhelmed


Does the thought of another possible lockdown or the idea of social isolation have you feeling overwhelmed?


We currently live in a world of constant change and adapting to new rules is now a standard. This means entrepreneurs are continuously playing catch-up to ensure that their businesses continue to run smoothly. With such uncertainty comes the thought that you need to do it all yourself to ensure you maintain some sort of control. Which ultimately leads to you overworking yourself, overwhelm, and quite possibly burned out.


Let’s look at three ways to help you release the feeling of overwhelm, whilst still making sure YOU and your company are on the right track.


Take care of yourself first

Do this in the best way that you can for yourself. Whether it’s creating a morning ritual that focuses on meditation, journaling, and reflection. Or maybe it involves getting active and getting a workout in midday. Or it could simply be, no more work talk/emails after 5 pm. Choose what works best for you. Don’t try to find the time, but instead make time for yourself and put it in the calendar. Block time out of your diary for your special activity to make sure you don’t get interrupted.



Prioritize your projects

You can do this by categorizing them into “To Do”, “To Delegate'' and “To Drop” lists. You know that you don’t have to do everything yourself and letting go of that control can be hard. When you separate your to-do list into these 3 sections you are prioritizing what YOU really need to take care of and what can be done by other team members. Don’t have a team that works with you? Look into outsourcing tasks that take up too much of your time. (Do you know your hourly rate?)This could be anything from customer service, email management, marketing, accounting – you name it. You would be surprised at the specialties freelancers are focusing on these days. And then, of course, there is the to-drop list. Sometimes we create busy work for ourselves – STOP IT! Drop those tasks that don’t move the needle and have little to no positive or financial impact on your business or yourself.


The most important, empower your team

Whether it’s your team at home, at work, or the team you outsource. You can do this by empowering them through autonomy.


There are several benefits to autonomy and the main one is you're telling your team that you really trust them, that they've got this, that they know what they're doing.  It also builds up their confidence and it creates the ability to know that they can be a leader as well.


The other benefit is that it frees you up to do what you need to be doing in your business or on your team.


It also retains your top employees even more than financial incentives.


How do you empower your team with autonomy?


First, let’s properly define what autonomy means. “Autonomy is freedom from external control or influence where delegation is authorizing someone to do something on your behalf.”


If you're not empowering your team with autonomy, you could possibly be micromanaging them. And no one wants to be micromanaged.


Here's a question you can ask: On a scale from one to ten with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, to what extent do you have the autonomy to do your best work?


There are three follow-up questions to ask that are probably more important than that question.


  1.  What do you suggest that I start or stop doing that can give you autonomy to do the very best work that you can do?
  2.  What does micromanaging look like? What does it feel like to you?
  3.  In the past when you were micromanaged, what did that look like or feel like? Or did you micromanage a team and learn from it?


You want to create an extra safety around this question because they are questions that can be quite intimidating to be asked out of the blue... You need to build some safety around them. Make sure to give them the opportunity to feel safe to answer. Make sure to let them know what the purpose behind the questions are.


By taking these first three steps you are on your way to releasing time and space in your day to allow you to create and grow. Sometimes, you need to let go of control to be able to be in control.


I’d love to hear the results after you implement these strategies. Were you able to release the feeling of overwhelm? If you need any more help and clarity on how you can get started with any of these steps, particularly with empowering your team with autonomy, book a call here.



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