What are you Growing in your Business?


As I continue to grow R2RLife from a practice to a business, I realized how important it was to build a team.

One of my mentors, John Assaraf, taught me a great lesson that I have embraced and implemented in my life. Here it is… do none of what you hate, less of what you tolerate to leave room for what you love and execute to your full potential. Thus, I needed to establish a team to do the things I could not do.

I started with marketing and social media. I adore Kristen, who talks me off the ledge frequently, when she takes all the material I hand over, organizes the bundle and then creates content pleasing to the eye. After months of trying to create a website…. yes, all the website builders that say in just a few hours, you can be up and operating with our easy system…NOT ME! I reached out to Wendy (web designer) and Doreen (brand strategist) who made the magic come to life. Next up, my coaches…yes, coaches have coaches! Lauren and Abbey pull me forward to my potential, get me out of my head and allow me to cry whether on Zoom or in the middle of the floor. After one of these ugly crying moments, during this pandemic, I had a breakthrough after a mini breakdown. I may be a bit dramatic here, but it is how it felt at the time. I started to wonder, “what else was important to cultivate as I continued to grow my business?”

Humility was on top of the list. Good heavens, there was so much I did not know. I needed to accept this fact and say it out loud. I wanted to keep the business simple. We as humans tend to make life more difficult than it needs to be, and I was complicating each issue as if it were on steroids.

Acceptance was a hard one. After accepting how much I did not know, I then had to accept the business was not going to come together as neatly and quickly with me doing everything myself or with my team. I needed to accept and enjoy the learning process.

Joy What is the point of establishing a business that I love doing if I did not allow for joy in my personal and professional lives. This was another difficult acceptance. I realized joy has been extremely limited in my past years.

Wildness If you follow me, you realize that putting a full-length mirror in my room last September was a wild move. I wanted to get out of the proverbial box, grow the business with the vibrancy of wildflowers, the edginess of a rock star- pushing the limits just a little (still working on this one).

Balance With the wild, there needs to be balance. Not only in thought and action but in the book- keeping. My bookkeeper is more wonderful with her organization and bottom lines always equaling…with a bit of wildness too. I found a bookkeeper with a badass tattoo. It makes the mundane tasks of accounting so much more interesting when we are working together.

Abundance In so many ways there is abundance all around me. The messy abundance that I create and the team is able to organize; the abundance of questions I have and the abundance of people willing to assist; the abundance of calls I make to my tech guy Steve, and the abundance of problems he has been able to solve. The abundance of support from friends and family with letting me cry, to editing content and liking my posts. And the abundance of people who have trusted me, allowing me to support them on their many adventures called Life.

So, if your Garden is growing out of control, click HERE to schedule a breakthrough call - let’s water the messy and embrace the task of weeding through uncertainty and discover what is waiting under the weeds.


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