Have the courage to be yourself


Sometimes you have to dig deep to discover who you are.  Recently, I questioned my own courage to be myself. Did I really have what it takes to move from my comfort zone into my genius zone? 


My life and business had become stagnant, relationships were not fulfilling and I looked in the mirror 6 months ago and said to myself “This is about YOU, Lisa, not everyone or everything else.” 


I realized I had become overly comfortable in my ways and my life. I was feeling that friction of wanting more yet doing nothing to change. The next thing I knew, I signed up for a Mastermind…{yes, coaches have coaches} and during one of our sessions, my coach asked me, “Who are you really? What do you want out of life? Who do you want to serve?”….THAT was a loaded question. I started crying...again...This happened to me back in 2017, so I coined the term, “leaking” which means - crying from being asked a  question (feel free to use the term at your leisure 😉).


At that moment I knew I had the courage to be myself. It was time for a big change. 


How can you have the courage to be yourself?


There are 4 essential elements to growing into yourself- the person you know you can be!

1. Uncovering your Core Values

2. Knowing and accepting your true feelings (as painful as that may be) 

Accepting your feelings as legitimate and useful for growth will allow you to create the courage to step out of your comfort zone and start moving into your Genius Zone. Creating a course of inspired actions simply means taking that first step. Maybe it’s picking up the phone, maybe it’s going back to school (or in my case, my hometown roots), maybe it’s creating one daily habit that is completely focused on “you”. 

3. It is our natural birthright to be who we really are, not who we think we “should” be or what someone else thinks we “should” do or worse yet, doing “it” for the money only.

4. Recognizing that creating new patterns and new beliefs can be challenging. Your brain allows you to gravitate to the familiar even if you are feeling uncomfortable. So when you recognize that old familiar voice, stop for a moment. Say thank you to that fearful voice for keeping you safe in the past but understand that it no longer serves you and you are doing something different. Then stand up and walk a bit bolder and switch the voice to one that serves you in your new genius identity!


If you are ready to create your genius self and need the extra courage to do it, let me know by messaging  “help!” 


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