Look Back, Don’t Stare


For most of us we are in the last quarter of our businesses. This is a time to finish strong, especially if you are in sales. So, I invite you to look back over the year.  


What have you executed on that has you at the point you are currently?  


Now, if you slacked off in the summer or if you simply lost momentum from being exhausted, don't stare at those situations. Take note and continue to move forward.  


There are three months left and incredible results have taken place in this quarter. Here are 4 simple steps to increase productivity without overwhelm and exhaustion.



Step 1: As we look back over the year, look at any projects that have little to no chance of completion in the short time frame and move those projects into next year. This allows you to maximize your resources and focus on what is more important.


Step 2: Focus on what you do best and outsource or delegate the rest. Declutter your day and your calendar so that your mind is clear and you focus on where best to receive and get the best return. 


Step 3: Review or create goals for the quarter and create a timeline that supports your success. Make sure to build in time to manage those unexpected moments and keep the goals realistic.


Step 4: Create a reason other than a sales call to get in front of your customers and prospects. This can be done virtually, in person, or a hybrid. Some examples: hold an open house, networking events, do a lunch and learn. If your customer base or prospect list is not too long, start creating time to have coffee or a cocktail with them. Remember no sales talk! These activities are non-pressure ways to catch up; build the relationship and position you or your company for next year's budget on your customer's or clients' budget line. Being focused, having a plan, and staying structured will increase your productivity and allow for a more enjoyable end of the year.


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