Are you going in circles?


Have you ever had a day where you ran around all day, you were extremely “busy” yet nothing got accomplished except you mastered exhaustion and overwhelm?


I used to have more days like this than productive ones and so did many of my clients. 


I was speaking to one client yesterday and she shared with me that she has an additional 15 hours a week and after going over her projections with her fiance, she is on target to double her income from last year. Hold on to your hats, stop hammering the for sale sign in the ground, and put the phone down….


After working together for only three months, this client started her real estate company, just 1 month ago. She is planning a wedding, she has two young children and she is building a stellar team...Say it with me, BADASS!


She stopped running in circles and you can too using these 4 tools.


  1. She uncovered her Core Values and started aligning each area of her life with her Core Values
  2. We used some Neuro-Linguistics to help remove some limiting beliefs
  3. She hired a virtual assistant and outsourced some other areas in the home
  4. She made self-care a priority


You may be saying, “great, more money to spend, what the heck is neuro-linguistics and how in the world can I add 15 hours to my week to do as I wish?"


Along with the four inspired actions above, she released the mindset of trading time for money and flipped it around to trading money for more time. She is enjoying her children, she and her fiance are less stressed and, by developing a team, she is giving people the opportunity to own their own business by doing what they love to do that she does not enjoy.


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