Personality vs. Character


Since May of this year, the Governor of MA (where I live) mandated facial masks be worn by all over the age of two, to help reduce the spread of COVID19.

This recalled many thoughts I have around masks. I am one who loves to dress up. Masquerade balls are a blast, they are elegant with a touch of mystery. Halloween on the other hand is one of those celebrations I have never much enjoyed. Ok, If I am being real, it freaks me out with the costumes and the masks. Trick or Treat? I will take the treat every time. There are several other masks but the other prevalent mask that people wear that may not be realized as a mask is the Personality Mask.

A few months ago, in the theme of Mardis Gras, I presented a challenge to a group of participants who were seeking their true selves. I asked the group to remove their personality masks to reveal any limiting beliefs that may be keeping them from moving forward. Some of the examples that came up were:

  • work must be hard

  • money represents evil

  • men should not pursue art to earn money

Once the group discovered their limiting beliefs, they were able to see new perspectives with a few tweaks to their self-dialog. They saw a way to pivot and begin to create an inspiring life vs an expiring one.

As explained below by Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center. Character is revealed when our personality masks are removed, and ego is placed on the sidelines. “Ego is an artifact that is used to fit in, to hang out in mediocrity that allows one to move and groove in the world without causing too much disturbance or being too much of an irritation.”

The word character comes from the Old French word, caractere and means imprint on the soul. The derivation of the word personality relates to the Latin word Pesma which was a mask worn by actors.

A simple comparison between the words personality and character:

Is your individual spirit hiding behind a mask? Are you letting your ego keep you in “status quo”?

Stop hiding your talents, gifts and skills and allow your true character to confidently present itself.

If you say, “hell yes”, book a free Breakthough call with me HERE and let’s get started on throwing off the masks and revealing the greatness you have been holding back!


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