From Player to Coach


I was close to $600,000 US in debt, survived a turbulent 5-year divorce and no job (I had been a stay at home mom for 17 years). At this point two of my children were teenagers; angry and hurt ones at that and a 7-year-old who had a lot of health issues. Ready to throw up the white flag and feeling like I was on a sinking ship, I received a life preserver, in the form of a scholarship to an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course with MindBridge. I jumped at the opportunity, (primarily in the hopes it would help me deal with my teenagers!)

It ended up changing the trajectory of my life! After completing the course, I knew immediately it was something I had been searching for, and I knew that I wanted to help others. Almost three years later, two jobs, enough tears released to fill an ocean, I am coaching and never happier. Once my clients make the shift into moving forward with their dreams, goals etc., I become elated.

Coaching is rewarding for me as I am able to help many transform their lives by changing their stories, showing them their potential and at times giving them permission (not that they need it) to disrupt the status quo and design the life they want to live and I also get to learn along-side of them while on the journey.

I still have debt (down to $4,000), I still cry when I have no idea why (aka leaking, the term we have coined for these types of tears), I still learn something new daily and open my mind to new ideas; building my practice into a business; stretching to more uncomfortable scary zones and yet I have never been more satisfied.


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