Are you Running Away?


Have you ever wanted to run away? Did you come back or are you still on the loose?

It wasn’t until one night, after having three kids, while coming to the realization that I was never “in love” with my now ex-husband, did I sit in a dark room, listening to my third colic child crying, hoping and praying he would not wake up the older two, did I actually plan to run away.

But as I thought of the other times I had run away, how far I had gotten, and the awful rude awakening when I had to go back home ---- there had to be another way.

After realizing the car was not in my name, the credit cards were not mine, I had no cash of my own - Did I decide running away was not an option. (HOWEVER, running toward a new, improved future was the way to go).

I was TIRED of being compressed into a life of smallness, fear and lack.

Six years later - I decided not to run away anymore. Instead, I run TOWARDS a new future filled with big dreams, owning a successful business, extreme travel and helping others design a life that inspires them not expires.

If you feel like running away in mind or spirit… contact me and let’s discover how to run towards a happier, healthier and wealthier life


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