To Mirror or Not To Mirror


In Kindergarten after the Pledge of Allegiance, Mrs. Therrington had each student stand in front of a full-length mirror and recite “I am beautiful”, or “I am handsome” staring at the reflection. If you looked down, you continued until you could say it with a smile and like you meant it, looking straight into the eyes looking back at you.

On my walk yesterday, I noted the joys of people out on a chilly but sunny day. The children laughing and crying, dogs barking, the birds performing their free concert, the hum of a few boats heading out to sea, were all so joyous. As I write this, we are still under a “Stay at Home Advisory” due to Covid 19, hence the noises outside of the solitude are all so welcome. However, the one common noise I did not enjoy was the negative talk from many of the adults passing by regarding weight they have gained, how they look horrible without hair color, waxing, facials, Botox, and such. I am guilty as well.

Until recently, I did not have many mirrors in my home except in the bathrooms and entryway. I did not give it much thought until a friend asked me where was my full-length mirror? It occurred to me that the reason I did not like mirrors was that the person staring back at me scared the hell out of me. I did not recognize her, and many days I did not even like her.

After four and half years of deep discovery, shedding off the old stories (many were not even my stories… they were ones I allowed to wash over me from others), I now have mirrors everywhere. I even have a full-length one in my room. I know I am so racy!

Louise Hay in her book co-written with Cheryl Richardson, You Can Create an exceptional LIFE, speaks about the importance of having mirrors around the office and home to give yourself positive messages throughout the day. She goes on to say, it does not take much to look in the mirror and say, “Hi Kid, looking good” or “Isn’t this fun” (Mrs. Therrington was on to something!)

We are in a pandemic and our economy is full of uncertainty, which is causing stress. Why not take this time to be kind to yourselves? Allow the mirror to be your friend, your companion. “The more we use mirrors for complimenting ourselves, approving of ourselves or supporting ourselves during difficult times, the more we develop a deeper and more enjoyable relationship with ourselves” Louise Hay states. Cheryl Richardson states this well when she refers to the “kick in the ass” mentality as not a motivator but a way of reinforcing limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and frightened.

Ready to ACT and start “Mirroring”?

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Step 2 Start with a” Thank You” to your magnificent self just for being you!

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