Imagine, just for a second, that you have already entered your Genius Zone!

  • You have a Clear Vision and Aligned Values in every category of your life.

  • You manage your energy & prioritize your time

  • You have consistent optimal sleep

  • You have the freedom to explore personal and passion projects

  • You have fulfilling Relationships

How do we help you do this?


You’ve heard the saying “Vision without action is simply a dream”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for both, the dream AND the action

  1. We help to support you in releasing old patterns, limiting beliefs, and habits that have been holding you back and keeping you numb
  2. The world needs your genius! Together we will DREAM, DISCOVER and DESIGN the impact and legacy that you were created to manifest.
  3. Then the magic happens! We GUIDE your journey as you MOVE INTO your genius zone.

So let me ask you...

What zone are you operating in?

When are you finally going to manifest the life you’ve always wanted, create the business you have always dreamed about or start that passion project that brings joy to your life?

Life is too short to spend it exhausted and uninspired! 

Welcome to Your Genius Zone! Empowering you to take easy, actionable steps to start living life simply and with impact!

But does this also sound like you?

  • You wake up in the morning feeling like you are going through the motions
  • You watered down or diluted your dreams or maybe even forgot what your dreams were.
  • Your job is stagnant, boring or worse….UNCHALLENGING
  • You are discouraged
  • You are missing fulfilling relationships and FUN

In this course, you'll get...

  • Downloadable videos with strategies, practices and guidance to help you move into your genius zone 
  • Lifetime access to 7 modules, workbooks and exercises, so that you can go back and listen any time!
  • Bonuses including vision boarding and road map strategies, meditations, and affirmations
  • Access to a community of likeminded individuals.
  • Group Q&A Sessions, to get clarity on specific questions you have and share wins!
  • Coaching Sessions where you'll have the opportunity to deep dive into that week's Module
  • The first chance to build on your knowledge and apply for a limited number of 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Lisa and Shannon.

Here's How This Course Works: 

Week 1

CORE VALUES Making and taking decisions/actions from your top 5 core values will lay the foundation in living and working an Empowered and Impactful Life/Career as a Conscious Leader

Module Highlights: 

  • Learn your core values 
  • Attract and Connect with team, clients, and prospects who are aligned with your core values 
  • Gain Clarity about your direction for the future
  • Create your value proposition - what makes you unique and how you deliver that to the world 
  • Observe the lessons learned from experiences that will increase fulfillment next time around.

Week 2


VISION BOARD create your Vision Board to clarify who you love to work with, how you serve your employees/teams as a conscious leader, employers, clients, the wealth legacy you want to create, and what you want your life to look like.

Week 3


Go through the areas of life and find out what to release to receive 

Module Highlights: 

  • Reveal additional physical/mental space 
  • Gain clarity about who you want to be and the life you want to live

Week 4


How these small, sometimes large annoyances keep you stuck in your life and business 

Module Highlights: 

  • Uncover what is holding you back from your true potential 
  • Discover time to have fun, invest time with family and friends 
  • Discover the mindset behind current habits 

Week 5


Work smarter, not harder, invest time in your most important relationships and find resources that are perfect for you

Module Highlights:

  • Create methods and resources inside your business/life that increase fulfillment inside life’s work and relationships 
  • Schedule - work best with what you have 
  • Daily morning routine 
  • Understanding your current habits are creating your current reality and changing those for your future reality

Week 6


Learn the importance of being in alignment in all areas of your life to reduce stress, gain energy, build amazing teams 

Module Highlights: 

  • Create your ideal life with purpose and on purpose 
  • Make your dreams a reality 
  • Design your perfect day
  • Stay connected to your important relationships 
  • Move your body - importance of exercise 

Week 7


The fun stuff of creating effective systems to work at top efficacy and have a life outside of work.

Total Value over $5000


Bonus #1 - $200 Value

20-minute free session with World-Renowned Organizer  (think the American version of Marie Kondo)

Bonus #2 - $1400 Value

Seven (7) one-hour group training sessions

Bonus #3 - $1400 Value

Vision and Strategy

Bonus #4 - $1400 Value

Seven (7) group Q&A sessions 

Bonus #5 - $1000 Value

Lifetime access to the downloadable recordings

Bonus #6 - $1100 Value

Affirmations, Meditations, Inspirations, Workbooks & Special guest experts

Building the bridge to your Genius Zone

You don't have to tolerate missing family events, being on call 24/7, having zero boundaries between personal time and business, a lack of passion, or lack of support.  You can start creating your new life, TODAY!


Lisa Couturier

Lisa is one of the top experts who works with high-performing individuals to get in alignment with their values to increase revenue, have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy life without burnout. She is passionate about guiding and supporting people to become the badass they were brought into this world to be.

Having been in the unique position of working and learning from some of the top executives and visionaries in cybersecurity, she collected many of their styles of leadership. So when working together, her style will be a combination of compassion, straight-forwardness, action-oriented, and humor, all from a place of complete authenticity; moving you forward to a life that is fulfilling, inspiring, and impactful.

Lisa has combined her successes with individuals and businesses to create the unique and proven 3-Step System helping you to become a Conscious Leader in your community and organization.

Shannon Carlton

Shannon is the author of Manifest Your Vision with Grace, Gratitude and Growth. She is a single mom who stepped out on faith with literally nothing but a dream in her heart and the support of her friends. At the age of 40, Shannon decided she was done living safely and (somewhat) securely. She used the money her dad had left her in his life insurance and took the plunge into opening a coworking space. She bootstrapped the whole project with sweat, blood (ask her about taking the bathroom door off to paint), and tears. That experience led to writing her first book about the power of dreams.

She has experienced growth that she never could have imagined and helped dozens of small business owners thrive as they worked out of her coworking space. Along with her coworking space, Shannon has been helping women Vision their lives for the past 5 years with Vision Board workshops and accountability training. She has heard from these women what an impact the Vision Board has had on their lives and careers and wanted to share that passion with women small business owners everywhere.

Move from the Comfort Zone to your Genius Zone 

Inclusive Package

$2,500 USD

Value of $5000

  • 7 modules, workbooks, and exercises that you'll have lifetime access to 
  • 20-minute FREE consultation with a Certified Professional Organizer
  • 7 Group Deep Dive Sessions
  • 7 Q&A Sessions
  • BONUS meditations, affirmations, and community
  • Opportunity to apply for 1:1 coaching with Lisa 
  • Vision and Strategy

Self Build Package

$597 USD

Complete at your own pace

  • 7 modules, workbooks, and exercises that you'll have lifetime access to and complete at your own pace


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