Hello!  I'm Lisa - One of the top experts in helping high-performing individuals get in alignment with their values, make more money and have freedom and flexibility to enjoy life without burnout.  I am passionate about guiding and supporting people to become the badass they were brought into this world to be. Coaching individuals and businesses; guiding each to a breakthrough for growth, inspiration, and productivity. In real terms...I help you get the fire back in your belly and the sparkle in your eye all while having fun.

Having been in the unique position of working and learning from some of the top executives and visionaries in cybersecurity,  I collected many of their styles of leadership.  So when we work together, my style will be a combination of compassion, straight-forwardness, action-oriented, and humor, all from a place of complete authenticity; moving you forward to a life that is fulfilling, inspiring, and impactful.

Having studied in multiple modalities and “done the work” too, I see abundant learning opportunities in bringing unique perspectives of student, coach, and mentor to help clients actively learn by doing. I am a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and an accredited Hypnotist.

In my free time, I can be found laughing at local coffee shops with my friends/family, hiking, cruising on my Townie, entertaining at home, learning new gardening techniques, the beach, volunteering at local food pantries, mentoring at Inventive Labs and attending local concerts and festivals.