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Small groups will be guided and inspired to achieve personal and professional goals; enjoying perspectives and feedback from myself and others within the group being coached on similar topics. This can be an effective session for a smaller corporate or social group needs.

Includes 16 participants or less and lasts between 4-6 hours in length or 2-3 shortened sessions. Travel available and negotiable.

Pricing and programs are confirmed upon event discussion and review of the specific needs of your organization.

Build Teamwork


Personal Goals


Company Development



Lisa is a Personal & Business Coach who works with ambitious, high-performing individuals to pivot their careers and create the life they deserve without the overwhelm, and exhaustion so they can enjoy life.

She will help you get the fire back in your belly and the sparkle in your eye all while having fun along the way.

You will learn how to transform your stories to empower you to create and experience a truly authentic life!

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